Customer Testimonials

I can’t remember ever hearing a more cleaner sound, excepting perhaps the Maggie’s 3.6R but even then, never was the presentation as coherent.

John (Germany) suis bluffé par la qualité

Nicolas (France)

I am very pleased with mine too  Hearing them on a daily basis. The music is showing more details every time. I am going to keep them.

Niels (The Netherlands)

OGY spotkał większego brata i w duecie tak zagrali, że przy Andrea Bocelli Vivere kapcie mi spadły...

Piotr (Polska)


Surprisingly (again) on the likes of drum and bass and dancehall reggae they sound excellent. Overall they are a superb loudspeaker that deserves your attention and are far from the one trick pony that I was expecting. Well done Closer!

Stuart Smith, HiFi PIG, April 7, 2022

OGY ARE SPEAKERS that, when properly driven and properly set,will deliver with a large, incredibly tangible sound. They sound beautifully coherent and show an incredible amount of detail about the recording. However, they are never exaggerated in what they do. You have to listen to them placed quite close to you and they will never surprise you with bass performance. But these are precisely such designs - full of life, energy and colors. On the one hand, they could stand in the recording studio as near-field monitors, and on the other hand, they would be perfect as a companion for long night listening sessions in the living room.

Wojciech Pacuła, Poland April 1, 2022


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