Speaker drivers

Speaker drivers

Loudspeaker drivers from French high end manufacture Electro Magnet Speaker - Katy Fertin. Shop for the best full range drivers handmade in France. Electromagnet - field coil or classic ferrite magnet drivers. The whole range of EMS for your special loudspeaker projects. Bass, midbass, fullrange.

Speaker units

Speakers for the audiophile are components of the highest quality, which will allow you to create your own loudspeakers for listening to music with the purest sound and great satisfaction. Those in Stereopolis store come from one of the best places handcrafting such fullrangers - the French High-End Electro Magnet Speaker manufacture - Katy Fertin.

When you opt for these products, you are assured of being able to reproduce even the slightest changes in sound level with engaging realism, and their efficiency can reach up to 98 dB/W/m. Hi-End speakers guarantee above-average neutrality, realistic timbre and pure emotions.

Loudspeakers and speaker drivers from a wide range

When choosing a Hi-End broadband speaker from our range, the first thing to pay attention to is its specifications. This one varies from product to product, to make it possible to match even the most demanding expectations.

Handcrafted in France, the wideband Hi-Fi speakers come in two options: with electromagnets or the more classic ferrite magnet version. You can also always contact us for advice, to inquire about availability or to select a model with specific parameters.