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Closer Acoustics Allegra EX (field coil) loudspeakers - pair -

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Big floorstander loudspeakers are made to order. Waiting time is 3 to 4 months. We confirm every time the delivery time after the order is received.

Ask for availability or bargains

Sometimes we have some stock or demo pairs or preowned pairs. You are most welcome to ask for the current opportunities.

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Shipping from Poland. Fully insured. Service delivered by FedEx.


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Product Details

Allegra EX

Timeless elegance both in sound and look.

She is refined and delicate yet she can show a very decided character. 

Every single note she whispers to you is a treat.
You will be surprised how detailed is her articulation no matter in which frequency range. From the lowest notes to the highest she delivers the unprecedented clarity and the linearity.

The point source of sound takes you directly to the royal seats in best concert halls. The soundstage is deep and large so you can relax and accept with opened arms the invitation Allegra is offering you.
You will be delighted either by classical repertoire or jazz. Ethno or electronic music. Experimental or blues.
Let her perform in a duo with a good tube amplifier and she will discover for you the most intimate secrets of music.


Made of premium quality Baltic birch ply with no damping materials at all. Side panels made of Corian. The complicated internal construction containing carefully designed channels ensures the enclosure stiffness and that the standing waves are virtually eliminated what results in a very clean and fast bass response. No need for using any damping materials behind the drivers preserves the liveliness of the drivers especially in the midrange. Allegra EX is finished with fine Alcantara.

Field coil driver

Allegra EX sports a classic size 8" paper cone transducer EMS LB8 EX MKii hand made in France by Katy Fertin. It's excellent properties, very low resonant frequency, strong magnet, excellent linearity together with this special enclosure makes very dynamic loudspeaker.  Field coil version provides even more clarity, detail and control.

Allegra EE needs Closer Acoustics power supply (PSU EX - sold separately) in order to make its electromagnet work. 

Technical details

  • Wide band driver: EMS LB8EX MKII (field coil) by Electro Magnet Speaker - France
  • Impedance: 8 Ω
  • Efficiency: adjustable 91,5 -94,3 dB
  • Frequency response: 40Hz – 19kHz
  • Power Handling: 40 W


  • height:  117 cm
  • width:    26 cm
  • depth:    44 cm
  • weight:   49 kg