Enceintes bibliothèque

Les enceintes bibliothèque ne sont rien d'autre que des versions extrêmement polyvalentes et plus petites des enceintes de sol. Elles conviennent particulièrement aux pièces de petite ou moyenne taille. Leur taille n'est cependant pas synonyme de moins bonnes qualités sonores - les enceintes garantissent une très haute qualité sonore et répondront certainement aux exigences d'un audiophile dans un espace plus restreint.

Hi End bookshelf speakers

The small size of the bookshelf speakers does not mean that you have to deal with the sound being worse than in the case of floor standing models. Yes, a larger system usually gives the impression of being better, but if selected for too small a room, it can sometimes lead to the opposite effect. This is why it is usually recommended to use tower speakers for at least 20m². Bookshelf speakers, on the other hand, are an ideal solution for places with a smaller volume. Although the stand-mounted speakers are distinguished by their size, it is also worth highlighting their special features such as coherence and balanced sound. Some will be used as monitors for listening in the near field, but they can also be used as stand-alone stereo sets (also in the Hi-End version, for lovers of sound purity). Hi End bookshelf speakers provide the best results when positioned correctly, usually at the height of the user's head. Although it is possible to place a single bookshelf speaker on a bookcase, desk, TV cabinet or wall shelf, special stands for loudspeakers often turn out to be an indispensable accessory. Thanks to them, you can optimally choose the height and setting in the room and enjoy the best sound quality tailored to your individual needs.

Polish bookshelf speakers

Our store's offer includes bookshelf speakers from the renowned manufacturer Closer Acoustics. Models produced by the Polish brand guarantee the creation of a pleasant and extremely intimate sound space while listening to many music genres. Particularly recommended by users: to blues, jazz, soul or classical. The characteristic feature of these Polish-made models is their construction, which is based on broadband loudspeaker transducers from the French manufacturer EMS and a complicated cabinets in the form of a transmission line.