Enceintes colonnes

Les enceintes colonnes sont destinées aux amateurs de son de la plus haute qualité. Lorsqu'elles sont correctement adaptées au volume de la pièce, elles permettent d'obtenir un son avec des basses profondes, ce qui n'est pas possible avec des enceintes de plus petite taille. Découvrez notre offre !

Hi End tower speakers

Hi-End floorstanders will be used as main speakers in rooms with an area of more than 20m². Stand mounted models are often a better solution for a smaller area. Audiophile equipment is usually built starting with the speakers, and floorstanders are most often chosen as the pillars of a good stereo system, where full bodied sound and musicality matters. Floorstanding speakers are better at processing of low frequencies. This is possible thanks to the larger diaphragm area than in the case of stand-mounted variants. The size of the towers also determines their location - as the name suggests, they must be set on the ground, which means they take up much more space. Most models should also not be placed directly against the wall - the location in the room is essential for the quality of music reproduction in both the low and high frequencies. It should be remembered that the correct, symmetrical positioning of the floorstanding loudspeakers in relation to the listening position is crucial for the sound quality. It affects, among others, the tonal balance or the depth and width of the soundstage.

Polish floorstanding speakers

Each of the floorstanding speakers in our store was manufactured by the Polish brand Closer Acoustics. They are built on the basis of loudspeaker drivers from the French manufacturer EMS and the sophisticated distributed resonance cabinets are their hallmark. Both the manufacturer and users recommend floorstanders for various music genres, e.g. jazz, classical, R&B, electronic, blues, folk and ambient. Although the spectrum of possibilities of this equipment is wide, its capabilities will be especially appreciated by lovers of coherence and the natural sound of instruments and voices.