Amplificateur à lampe

Les amplificateurs à tubes haut de gamme sont destinés aux mélomanes qui privilégient la musicalité. Le son d'un bon amplificateur à lampes peut enchanter dès le premier instant. C'est pourquoi les modèles de notre offre sont appelés amplificateurs audiophiles. Découvrez pourquoi vous devriez les utiliser !

Hi-Fi amplifier in electron tube version

Natural, dynamic and warm sound, the excellent presentation of the timbre of all musical instruments and a spectacular soundstage - all these advantages can only be obtained by opting for the best tube Hi-Fi stereo amplifiers. However, it is worth mentioning that better sound must be bought at the cost of slightly higher electricity consumption. On the other hand, you should not be afraid of failure rate and the need for frequent tube replacement - the service life quoted by manufacturers is usually around several thousand hours. Therefore, paying attention to sound quality, the recommended choice for any audiophile are Hi-End tube amplifiers.

Polish tube amplifiers

Our offer includes exclusively Polish tube amplifiers. What's more - selected products are additionally signed by maestro Adam Sztaba. This is recognition and a guarantee of the highest quality offered by our stereo amplifiers. The Polish-made tube amplifiers sport top-quality components from around the world.

Tube amplifiers vs. transistor models

Before the invention of the transistor, which was cheap compared to the tube, sound was amplified by power amplifiers built around tubes. The beginnings were related to sound reproduction in movie theaters. Tube amplifiers had low power and the speakers used had high efficiency, so a few watts generated from a tube were enough to amplify a movie theater. With the advent of transistor amplifiers, high power was no longer a problem. Multi-way speaker units with lower efficiency appeared, which the new transistors handled better than the weak tubes. However, it is not in quantity that the power lies. The quality of the first Watt is of paramount importance. Therefore, the choice of amplifier is essentially a consequence of the choice of speakers. High-efficiency loudspeakers love tube amplifiers, even low-power ones, on the other hand, large multi-way units can't do without a high-power amplifier preferably a transistor one.