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Stereo set OGY bookshelf speakers plus EL84 tube amplifier

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Détails du produit

Our proposal to enter the world of OGY sound.

At the Audio Show 2022 in Warsaw, the OGY loudspeakers, where they were awarded for the best sound of the exhibition by Highdelity.pl, were presented with electronics and a source from the other end of the scale. Here we offer a completely initial however not accidental combination, because for many months the OGY has been playing with the Yaqin MC-84EL 84 tube amp. We did not choose this amplifier by accident. It is based on EL 84 tubes, which we like very much. This is a good start for someone who has not dealt with the sound of tube amplifiers, or possibly as an additional small system.

If you listen to music, classical, jazz, ethno, folk, electronics, then the price-quality ratio of this set is very hard to beat.

No, this is not a set for listening to loud rock music.

Set consisting of:

1) a pair of Closer Acoustics OGY loudspeakers in the birch plywood version (if you would like another OGYs finish in this set drop us a message),

2) Yaqin MC-84L tube amplifier,

Closer Acoustics OGY

OGY is Closer Acoustics first bookshelf loudspeaker. It presents very natural and detailed sound with 3D soundstage. Optimal for smaller rooms, however when carefully placed in a bigger room it can create an extremely pleasant space for intimate music experience.

Perfect for all kind of music where the natural instruments are used Classical or Jazz as it is able to convey a true sound. Very involving, non-obtrusive and allows for listening for hours with no fatigue. Also it can be used as a near field loudspeaker when put for an example just behind the desk.

The enclosure

OGY uses carefully designed transmission line cabinet allowing for preserved efficiency of the driver and neutral bass response. It is made from birch plywood finished with natural oil wax.

The driver

OGY uses an excellent fullrange driver, the EMS LB5 (10 cm diameter) designed by French legend Mr. Michel Fertin, who devoted his life to perfecting the sound of the single driver wide band technology. These are handmade in France by Katy Fertin EMS Speaker. Its speed is astonishing allowing  for smooth presentation of all details in the recording. 

Technical details

  • Wide band driver: EMS LB5 by Electro Magnet Speaker - France
  • Impedance: 8 Ω
  • Efficiency: 91 dB
  • Frequency response: 40Hz – 18kHz
  • Power Handling: 15 W


  • height: 31,2 cm
  • width: 13,2 cm
  • depth: 30,6 cm
  • weight: 6,0 kg

    Tube amplifier - Yaqin MC-84L


    Push-pull tube integrated amplifier buil


    Technical specification:

    Mains voltage: 230 V


    Output power 12W + 12W (4Ω-8Ω)
    Inputs: 3 x RCA
    Headphone output 1x
    Frequency response
    Harmonic distortion 2%
    Signal to Noise ratio 80dB
    Input sensitivity
    Tubes 4x EL84
    2x 12AX7B
    Impedance 4/8Ω
    Maximum power consumption
    90 W
    420mm x 375mm x 285mm
    9.6 kg
    24 months (realized in Poland)